Cleaning is messy.

Get help from everyone in the household with a smart scheduling app!

Assign family members chores to help you with cleaning!

Spread the load of cleaning to everyone! Keep pulse on the progress of everyone in your home throughout the day!

Feel good about your clean home

Your home should be your place of relaxation and calm. With a clean home, it’ll be just that.

Visualize the cleanliness of your home and feel good about keeping up with cleaning using Dirtfree. No more feeling guilty you’re not doing enough!

Keep everyone motivated

Achievements make each member of the home feel better about doing their chores, especially kids! 

Earn badges and achievements for keeping up with assigned tasks!

Make sure they're doing chores to your satisfaction

Kids try to pull one over your head? Do you have a certain standard of cleaning you want someone to keep? 

Approve or reject chores completed by other members! They’ll get notified that they did a good job, or that they need to redo something, and you can keep going on with your day!

Everyone can get involved!

Even kids without devices can use Dirtfree! Their account can be on your phone or tablet. 

Giving kids their own account keeps all the information organized separately from your chores, allows them to check off their own chores like an adult, and still gives you control over their device access!

Make cleaning chores less difficult!

Why not make cleaning chores easier?  Download Dirtfree today!