Say hello to a clean home

Keep motivated and never forget any of your home cleaning again!

Keep motivated

Dirtfree uses an advanced algorithm that builds a custom-made plan by using your cleaning experience, ability, and the level of cleaning your looking to do.

Streaks will help you set goals to be the best you can be!

Improve your home

Tasks automatically appear every day based on your unique profile to improve your home’s attractiveness and livability.

Preventive care will save you money with your home lasting longer. You’ll turn from being overwhelmed with too much to do, to being in control.


Dirtfree features at a glance

  • Automatic Task Creation helps you get started right away! Save time instead of manually setting up and maintaining tasks one-by-one. 
  • Streaks to motivate yourself to be at your best each day
  • Friendly reminders to keep your home cleaning from piling up
  • Sync to multiple devices securely without worrying about losing any progress
  • Review achievements to see how your progressing in your home cleaning
  • Adjust tasks using custom scheduling to tweak tasks to preference
  • Enable or Disable tasks that you do not need or wish to leave out of your routine
  • Regular updates to provide you with the latest features being requested
  • Quickly Add Tasks that are not due to keep your home in advance
  • And more...!

Get started today!

Have peace of mind that your home is well maintained…

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