Say hello to a clean home!

Ever feel overwhelmed with cleaning? Discover your best home cleaning routine with a smarter, intuitive scheduling app!

Get personalized

Not sure where, when, or what to clean? Dirtfree uses an advanced algorithm that builds a personal routine for you by using your goals and home profile, while still giving you flexibility to adjust.

Stay in control, not overwhelmed

Being successful with your home cleaning doesn’t have to feel impossible. Dirtfree will guide you to optimizing your cleaning routine. If it notices your schedule needs adjusting, it will kindly present recommendations for you!

Keep motivated

Achievements will make you feel good about cleaning your home. Earn badges for completing specific types of tasks, and cleaning daily.

Dirtfree features at a glance

  • Automatic Task Creation helps you get started right away! Save time instead of manually setting up and maintaining tasks one-by-one. 
  • Streaks to motivate yourself to be at your best each day
  • Friendly reminders to keep your home cleaning from piling up
  • Sync to multiple devices securely without worrying about losing any progress
  • Review achievements to see how you're progressing in your home cleaning
  • Adjust tasks using custom scheduling to tweak tasks to preference
  • Enable or Disable tasks that you do not need or wish to leave out of your routine
  • Regular updates to provide you with the latest features being requested
  • Quickly Add Tasks that are not ready to clean to keep your home clean in advance
  • And more...!

Start cleaning today!

Why not get started today using the smartest home cleaning app around? Download Dirtfree today!
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