10 Must-See TikToks That Will Get You Started on Your Cleaning Checklist

10 Must-See TikToks That Will Get You Started on Your Cleaning Checklist

A lot of the time cleaning feels like the last thing you want to do. It can be time consuming, boring, and it can feel pointless when it will all just get messy again within an hour. But cleaning is not like it used to be. With all the different internet platforms out there now, there are endless cleaning hacks to help make your life a lot easier and make you think “why didn’t I think of that?”  

Here are 10 tik toks we found that give helpful tips and tricks on how to clean your home more easily.

Dream smelling bed

There is nothing better than crawling into a clean and nice-smelling bed at the end of a long day. That is why we love this tik tok from @mama_mila_ showing all the ways she makes her bed smell “like a dream.”  

First, she vacuums her mattress. Then, she adds baking soda mixed with essential oils on top of her mattress. While that soaks, she washes her sheets with white wine vinegar. And finally, she vacuums up the baking soda and replaces her linens. We will definitely be trying this.

How to clean your mattress

Another tik tok by @cleanwithsash shows an in depth tutorial on how to clean your mattress. She shows the variety of products she uses that leave her bed feeling and smelling nice and clean.

DIY grout cleaning

For those with tile in their home, you know that grout can be one of the trickiest things to clean. No matter how much scrubbing you do, it never seems to get back to its original color.

Luckily, this tik tok by @cleanthatup shows a simple hack on how to properly clean your grout. They mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a paste and scrub it onto the grout. Then, after wiping it off with a paper towel, they reveal an almost good-as-new countertop. 

Cleaning your dirty wooden spoons

This tik tok by @miss.clean.with.me definitely grossed us out a little. For those who use wooden spoons in the kitchen, they get pretty dirty over time. This hack has gone viral on tik tok – and for good reason. If you pour hot water over your spoons and let them soak for a while, you will see all kinds of grime that has built up over the years come out. It’s definitely worth a try.

Biggest cleaning mistakes

This helpful tik tok by @vaneamaro91 warns of the dangers of certain cleaning mistakes such as mixing chemicals. This includes not steaming after you put bleach on your floors to prevent inhaling the toxic fumes, never mixing bleach with vinegar, using different rags for different uses, and more. 

Helpful shower cleaning gadget 

We love this cool cleaning gadget find by @rightguysaldireviews. This is one of those products that makes you think “how did I not think of that?” It’s a squeegee with a compartment for cleaning products, allowing you to spray the product directly where you are squeegeeing. So efficient! 

Amazon cleaning must-haves

Speaking of cool cleaning products, @simplysalfinds has a series of videos on his tik tok showing some of his favorite gadgets he has found on Amazon. The first video of his series shows this cool silicon toilet cleaning brush that has a much more effective shape to get the job done.

$1 cleaning hack – multi- use scrubbing brush 

Another great product that tik-toker @regularcleaningmom found are the scrubbing brushes that can be found at the dollar tree.  In this tik tok, she shows all the uses for this simple gadget that will only cost you $1.  

Hack for cleaning dirty walls 

Dirty walls can be extremely frustrating. When you first move into a home, the walls usually have a nice paint job and then over time, shows scuff it, kids doodle on it, and life happens. This genius hack from @allisonscleanin shows a very effective hack to clean even the dirtiest walls leaving them looking brand new. 

Cleaning with colorful soaps

We love what @homewithcloex shows on her tiktok. She uses fun-colored soaps to create designs in her toilet before scrubbing it clean. This makes it a more creative outlet that she actually looks forward to.


While cleaning can sometimes feel like the most dreaded task, there are plenty of ways to make the process a little easier. These 10 tik toks can save you time and money when cleaning, so it feels a little less like a chore. If you feel overwhelmed by your cleaning tasks, Dirtfree can help you get organized. Try it for free in the app store today! 

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