3 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Bedroom First Will Motivate You to Clean the Rest of Your Home

3 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Bedroom First Will Motivate You to Clean the Rest of Your Home

If you think back to your early years, you may recall your parents telling you to clean your room.  Parents begin to instill this idea of responsibility and cleanliness in their kids at a very young age. This responsibility is supposed to be one of the first things you accomplish each day. Why?  

Is there really a benefit to always keeping your bedroom clean? The answer is an astounding YES! Let’s go over some benefits of why cleaning your bedroom will motivate you to clean the rest of your house. 

Small Tasks Will Motivate You to Accomplish the Bigger Tasks


Completing a small task at the beginning of your day will motivate you throughout your day 

The roadblock many people encounter with motivation is making the task too big. Think about cleaning your bedroom floor, what if instead of focusing on cleaning your floor you focused on picking up items on your floor first. If you took the time wasted in imagining how big the task at hand is and instead broke it down into pieces, you’d be surprised at how much smaller the remaining tasks would become.  

Deep down you know your home needs to be cleaned.  Instead of envisioning how long and arduous the whole task may be, start small and make your bed.  

The simple task of making your bed will give you a sense of accomplishment which in turn, will create motivation. The larger task at hand, cleaning your bedroom, will seem a bit more manageable now. Make your bed every day and soon you’ll be motivated to clean your room.

A Clean Bedroom Will Increase Self-Esteem, then Motivation 

Waking up to a clean room will improve your self-esteem by making you feel more in control  

Although keeping a clean bedroom seems like a small task, it isn’t. Keeping a clean bedroom shows motivation, organization and that you have control of your life. The compliment “Wow you have such a neat room, I wish mine looked like this” is one of the best compliments you can receive.  Compliments about something you’ve accomplished gives you a sense of confidence and pride in yourself. 

You will notice a spike in your self-esteem, you are organized and in control of the most personal room in your house. Making you feel motivated to tackle the day and in turn more confident in your ability to accomplish tasks. You may walk with your back a bit straighter and your head held a bit higher. You will feel the motivation to clean another room in your house, and another, and another. A clean room is a great starting point for cleaning the rest of your house and will boost your self-esteem.

Cleaning Your Bedroom First Will Promote A Positive Cleaning Routine in Your House

Building positive habits will affect the way you live your life

Forming the habits for a clean bedroom will set a standard of how you live.  

We’ve all experienced a downward spiral. Your one-hour procrastination turns into a full day wasted. You skip a day working out and suddenly you’ve stopped all week. One dirty dish in the sink turns into a whole load of unwashed dishes.  

Forming a habit of keeping a clean bedroom will contribute to the discipline it takes to clean the rest of your home. Once you have a clean room you will begin to notice everything that is out of place. A sock on the floor will look ridiculous, your messy bed will look sloppy. Soon you won’t be able to begin your day without a spotless room.  

Now, instead of starting a negative chain reaction, you will be starting positive ones. Once you see how much better you feel with a clean room, you’ll want to have the same effect with your kitchen. One dirty pan will look like an oddball in your kitchen.   

This positive spiral will lead to a productive, self-motivated, neat freak that will tackle any dirty area before the regular old Joe thinks it’s dirty.


Don’t overlook the importance of what a clean room can do for you. Start by making your bed, maybe that’s all you do today. But tomorrow you’ll make your bed and pick up your bedroom floor.  

These small steps will not only motivate you to clean the rest of your house but instill healthy, productive habits for the future. If you want to have a cleaner house, start by cleaning your room and maybe that begins with just making your bed.  

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