3 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Clean When Dealing with a Chronic Illness

3 Smart Ways to Keep Your Home Clean When Dealing with a Chronic Illness

Keeping a home clean requires time and energy.  For that reason, when one succeeds in cleaning their home, it gives a person something to be proud of…a sense of accomplishment

There are some, however, that find it hard to experience such feelings due to a chronic illness.  People dealing with such health challenges may not have the stamina and therefore, have trouble keeping their home clean.

This results in frustration and guilt for not being able to keep up with their chores. So, what can you do if this describes you? How can you keep your home clean despite your limitations?

Clean at your own pace

Working your own pace will prevent getting tired out

As much as you would like to clean everything in one day, it may be wiser for your health’s sake to take things slowly. Instead of trying to keep up with a rigid schedule, accept that you need to be flexible and clean at your own pace. 

Focus on specific things you can do each day, so it won’t be too much for you. Know which chores drain you the most then start by doing those that you feel you can get done without tiring yourself. 

Minimize clutter so the home looks kept up. Focus on the room you will spend most of your time in, so you can feel a sense of accomplishment. Doing so will have a positive effect on your health instead of feeling guilty which can add to your illness.

 Ask for and Accept Help

Don’t be shy and make that call 

Talk with your family about how their help can have a positive effect on your health and be specific as to what chores they can help with. They no doubt care about your health and will do their best to facilitate your cleaning chores.

Close friends that know your health limitations can be another source of help. Have you ever been asked if you need any help? Don’t be shy to say yes and accept any help they offer. 

Perhaps your friend who loves organizing can help you declutter or help you with eliminating the paperwork you’ve been neglecting. You will be surprised to learn how many of your friends would be willing to assist you.

Hire Help

Use cleaning services once or twice a month 

If for some understandable reason you can’t get help from family or friends and you have the financial means to do so, try a cleaning service. Perhaps you only need help with the tasks that take a toll on you, such as the floors or scrubbing the tub.  Inquire how much it would be for just those specific tasks. 

There are also laundry services you can take advantage of.  Depending on your area, they may also offer pickup and drop off services.  These services have been an energy saver for many who deal with a chronic illness. 


Keeping the home clean is possible for all, even those with a chronic illness. Decide which options from above are available to you and implement them.

You might not be able to keep your home perfectly clean, but you can enjoy the satisfaction that you are doing your best under your circumstances. Instead of feelings of guilt, you will experience the sense of accomplishment that many people get when they live in a clean home. 

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