4 Helpful Tips to Organize One of the Most Neglected Areas of the Home: The Linen Closet

4 Helpful Tips to Organize One of the Most Neglected Areas of the Home: The Linen Closet

We’ve all been there. Scrambling to get the house in order before guests arrive and, in a frantic hurry, we shove all the random blankets and miscellaneous items into that little closet in our hallway. But after about four to five times of doing that, it soon becomes the “junk closet.”

While our homes may look nice and clean from an outside perspective, there are a few places that are often neglected – one of them being the linen closet.

If your linen closet has become your hide-everything-and-look-the-other-way closet, here are some tips on how to get started with organizing what has become your most dreaded task.

Bundle similar items

orange, yellow, and cream towels inside wire basket
Bundling similar items in baskets or bins is an effective way to keep your linens organized.

When organizing your linen closet, it’s important to be able to easily access important items. The best way to do this is to group together similar items by using either baskets or bins. 

It can be helpful to create multiple zones in your closet: beach towels, bath towels, sheet sets, blankets, pillows, comforters, cleaning products, and paper products. 

For toiletries and cleaning products, finding baskets that neatly fit all the products can make life a lot easier.  

Make sure to label all bins for easy navigation! 

Fold or roll everything

3 purple gray towels rolled and stacked
To maximize space and efficiency, try folding or rolling your linens.

You want your closet to be a place where it is easy to find everything you’re looking for. By either folding or rolling all sheets and towels, it will be much easier to see everything in the closet and it will also be appealing to the eye.  

Mixing up both folding and rolling can also help maximize space for those with smaller closets.  

Another great way to maximize space and efficiency is to tuck each sheet set into its matching pillowcase, creating easy-to-grab bundles.

Maximize space

white clean folded bed sheets stacked
There are a few hacks to help you maximize space if you have a small closet.

If you have a smaller closet and can’t fit everything you need into it, you could try utilizing the empty door space. Shoe racks with multiple pockets work perfectly to hang on the inside of a closet door to store cleaning products and whatever else you can fit.

If you have only a limited number of shelves, but a large open area beneath them, you could also try getting one or two laundry bins and organizing bundles in those.

Keep it consistent

around 10 bath towels folded and stacked
Creating a theme or color scheme for your linen closet can make it a place in your home that you love. 

If you really want your linen closet to be a spot in your house that you enjoy rather than dread, adding a theme or some color coordination can be the finishing step in having a closet that you are proud of.

You can do this by purchasing bins that all have the same color scheme, grouping certain items that look good together, and organizing the shelves by style. To be extra efficient, you could even try color coding different linens to ensure you grab the correct items when you are in a rush.


If you are someone who tends to neglect the hidden parts of your home and can barely open the door of their hall closet, try out a few of these tips. Having an organized home will make your life a lot easier in the long run.  

Organizing your linen closet could be the next step on your cleaning to-do list. If you want some help with your cleaning routine, try the Dirtfree app today for free!

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