5 Amazing Ways To Get Your Family To Help You Clean Your Home More

5 Amazing Ways To Get Your Family To Help You Clean Your Home More

If you’re finding yourself feeling overwhelmed with how much cleaning you do, you might need help. Here are 5 amazing ways to get your family to help around the home.

Start Small

stainless steel plates
Giving out simple tasks like setting up a table or cleaning up after a meal is a good start

You’ll need to start your conversations somewhere. Give your family a short amount of cleaning tasks.

The idea for a family to start cleaning if they haven’t much before might scare them rather get them on board, especially if you ask for too much too soon.

People are much more likely to help than you think, especially if the request is somewhat small.

Once a family member has done for you what they could consider a favor, they’ll actually be more willing to do another for you.

Little by little, you can add cleaning tasks to the list of cleaning chores that they are responsible for.

Get your family to help more over time, and before you know it, you’ll feel the support and see results.

Set rules for kids

girl holding purple and green camera toy
Kids play. Kids make messes. Kids can clean too!

Kids need rules and structure. Rules need to be consistent and simple for your kids to understand.

Rules provide the framework for children to understand expectations at home.

The following are some suggestions on rules that you can make.

Everything Has A “Home”

A rule to help a kid remember that when he or she uses something, it should be returned where it’s home can be very helpful. For example, if they’re finished using a toy, it’s home is back in the toy box or the shelf.

Of course, it should be clear to your kid where the “home” is for each thing he should be responsible for tidying up.

You Have to Earn It

Let your kids understand that they need to earn the things they enjoy. This will teach them that they’ll be able to enjoy activities only if specific responsibilities are complete.

For example, if they want to stay up later, or go play with friends, help them see that good things come from responsibility.

Clean As You Go

Cleaning as you go avoids cleaning tasks from piling up. If your kid spills something, they should always clean it up right away. If they’re in the kitchen making something, they should put away everything and cleaning up as they are preparing the food.

Rules will give a sense of security to kids. They’ll learn skills and you’ll get the help you need throughout their lives.

Make it fun

six teal icing cupcakes with sprinkles
Reward yourself and your family with something tasty!

Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring. If the idea of cleaning brings sighs and sulking in your family, you’ll have to find ways to change their perspective.

If cleaning isn’t fun, it may be an uphill battle. Getting them to clean is possible without fun, but if it’s more enjoyable, you’ll receive help a lot sooner and more smoothly.

For very young kids, get them their own tools, like a miniature duster. They’ll love to have something like your tools, and will learn how to clean too.

For a partner, you can create rewards, like dessert you both can enjoy afterward. You could watch your favorite TV show while cleaning, like folding laundry.

You could make a race out of who can finish their tasks first.

Play music while you clean. Everyone likes music, and it’ll give everyone energy and time will go faster.

As things get done, give each other high-fives and congratulations on a job well done!

Find ways to make cleaning fun, and the fun will overshadow the hard work.

Show appreciation

Thank You on wooden blocks
Words of appreciation can keep your family motivated

Why should YOU show appreciation to OTHERS cleaning less than you?

We all need appreciation shown to us. It might take a little bit of your appreciation to keep your family motivated.

Once they receive some appreciation, they’ll like it so much that they’ll want more. That’ll pave the way for them to clean more in the future. They may even show appreciation back to you!

Appreciation is great, but we also want to feel effective.

We want to feel that the work we do and the help we give matters. Make sure to show in words and actions that their help is playing a part in improving everyone’s lives in the home.

Have a regular schedule

white desk clock near pen and book
Help your family know what to expect with a clear schedule

Keeping structure in cleaning a home is important. One great way to have structure is to use a regular schedule.

Without a regular schedule, the family won’t know what to expect on any given day. Once there is a schedule, there won’t be so much thought into when to do it, or how to do it. It’ll only be something that gets done.

Have a chore list or chart written up to show all the tasks, and who can do what.

There won’t be any more marathon sessions, and you won’t feel guilty when things are piling up. You’ll also enjoy your home being clean more. Everyone wins. You won’t be so reactive, but more proactive and feel ahead.


Receiving help from your family is a great idea, and will give you and your family satisfaction. Even if you’ve tried getting help before, with the above tips, you’ll be able to get practical help from your family. If you haven’t tried before, it’ll be worth the effort.

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