Clean All Day And You Will Realize 7 Things About Yourself You Never Knew

Clean All Day And You Will Realize 7 Things About Yourself You Never Knew

Spring cleaning, moving into a new place, or doing that cleaning you’ve been meaning to do? Here are 7 things you might learn about yourself with a day of cleaning.

Whether you work well with others or not

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Working together is not always the easiest thing to do…

When you clean with others, you’ll need to coordinate. This can either end up really well, or not. Your family might not meet your expectations, or they may not take as many tasks as you’d like. It’ll test your patience. If you find that you feel recharged when cleaning alone, it might be because you have an introvert personality (recharges more when alone). If you gain energy while working with your family or roomate(s), you might have an extravert personality.

Whether you do better breaking the schedule up or doing everything all at once to get it over with

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To work in bursts or slowly…that is the question.

Some people like to break up the day so that it doesn’t overwhelm. Little by little, the home becomes cleaner and cleaner, and the results of your work spur you on further and further until it’s all complete.

Others try to limit breaks or not take on at all because they realized they might not continue afterward. They might take a nap or find the temptation to do something else more enjoyable to hard to fight. They loose their groove.

There’s also something positive to say about momentum in completing cleaning. Might be worth a try.

How much stamina you have

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Work smarter, not just harder

You’ll learn how much you can do, or even compare what you can do now to what you use to do. Even if you can do less that before, there are ways to deal with that, like working smarter, and getting help.

How picky you are about cleaning every little thing

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How long to spend get it just right…

You might get stuck doing one task for so long because it must be done a certain way, or you can’t move on. You’ll learn how obsessive you can be about the details.

Whether you’re hoarding things or not

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“How many bottles should I keep? All of them!”

You probably don’t want to give away those clothes you never wear, or sell the things you haven’t used in year that are in your garage. Decluttering your home will test your tendency to hold on the things longer than you probably should.

Whether you are too busy to maintain your home the way you’d like

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A little tweaking of the old schedule may be needed…

If you face a lot of cleaning, you’ll probably think to yourself, how did all this get so bad? It could possibly stem from not cleaning regularly. Or it could be that things just get messy quickly. Either way, it’s a good chance to look at how busy your schedule is during the week, and seeing how you can clean here and there to prevent things from getting so bad.

Whether you’re able to think positively

selective focus photography of multicolored confetti lot

If your miserable during the whole cleaning session, you are thinking of things you’d rather be doing, or the help that you’re not getting, or a number of other negative things you could dwell on. Studies have show that cleaning can be therapeutic. There are also ways to make cleaning more enjoyable, like playing music, and having a nice refreshing drink or snack while you’re doing it. Also, thinking about the results you’ll get from seeing your home clean. 


Cleaning can be a personal learning experience. Take time to reflect on what you learn about yourself. It could be very eye-opening!

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