Fun Ways To Make Cleaning Your Bathroom Less Daunting

Fun Ways To Make Cleaning Your Bathroom Less Daunting

After a long day of work, there is not much that sounds less appealing than cleaning your bathroom. It might be a task that you have been putting off day after day.  

But while you may look at the title of this article and think that there’s no way cleaning your bathroom could actually be “fun,” these hacks we have found actually make us want to clean our bathrooms now.   

Play music and dance

black headphones and phone on a white table
Dancing while you clean can be one of the best ways to make cleaning your bathroom fun.

One of the easiest and most classic ways to make cleaning your bathroom enjoyable is to crank up your favorite music and throw a solo dance party. No one will judge you for using your sponge as a microphone and your mop as a dance partner – especially if your bathroom is sparkling clean after.

Use great-smelling soaps with fun colors

We love what @homewithcloex shows on her tiktok. She uses fun-colored soaps to create designs in her toilet before scrubbing it clean. This makes it a more creative outlet that she actually looks forward to. And her tiktok followers agree – some of her videos have millions of views with comments agreeing how satisfying her videos are.  

And you can do more than just use soaps with fun colors. Soaps that smell great are another way to make cleaning very enjoyable. There are a variety of different soap brands that use fresh essential oils to provide an aroma that can make cleaning even feel therapeutic.

Turn it into a game

classic chrome stopwatch on a table
Competing against a friend to see who can clean their bathroom faster is a great way to make the task go by quickly.

Especially if you are known for your competitive spirit, enlisting a friend to challenge to a bathroom-cleaning race can turn a seemingly boring task to a fun and exciting competition. Start at the same time and time yourself to see you can get it done faster. The loser has to buy the first-round next time you go out.

Get a workout in

Woman planking over a blue workout mat
If you like to multitask, you can try fitting in a workout while cleaning.

If you are so busy that it feels impossible to get a workout in, why not kill two birds with one stone? Turning your cleaning into a workout is a great way to combine two tasks into one. You can fit in a couple jumping jacks between each task or do some squats and lunges while scrubbing the toilet or tub.

Clean in the shower

Since most people enjoy showers, why not stay in there a little longer and get one of your cleaning tasks done in the meantime?

Who doesn’t love a hot shower? I know I could spend all day in there. So why not try getting some cleaning done while enjoying the relaxing hot water? Just bring a sponge in with you and give the walls a quick scrub – it takes less than five minutes and it’s an efficient use of water.

Listen to a podcast or audiobook or watch your favorite show

pink headphones and white phone on table
Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way to pass time and learn something new when cleaning.

Another way to make cleaning fun by multitasking is to listen to a podcast or audiobook. If you are so busy that you don’t usually have time to read, listening to an audiobook can be the perfect way to get your reading in and once you are engaged, you will likely forget that you are even cleaning until you realize your bathroom is spotless.  

Podcasts are also a great option if you are only doing some short tasks and want to gain some quick knowledge on your favorite subjects. There are plenty of great podcasts on pretty much every subject including work, parenting, news, and productivity.   

Another option to make cleaning go by much faster is to put on your favorite tv show or movie. As long as it’s something you don’t need to pay much attention to, it can make cleaning feel like relaxing “me time.”

Reward yourself

Two mobile phones with Dirtfree on them
Rewards for a successful day of cleaning can help motivate you to get your tasks done.

Rewarding yourself can be a great method for getting motivated to clean your bathroom. If you give yourself something to look forward to after the task is done, you will want to get it done as fast as possible. This can include a glass of wine, a pedicure, or your favorite dessert.  

One way to make rewarding yourself even easier is to get a rewards app to help you keep track of your task progress. This can help gamify the experience and make it fun, while also helping you stay on top of everything. Dirtfree is a great app to try out because it offers rewards for achieving your tasks. Seeing your achievements build up could be the push you need to grab that toilet brush.


Bathrooms are arguably the most dreaded places in the house to clean. While you may feel like putting it off for a couple more days, there are fun ways you can make the experience much more enjoyable. By combining just a few of these tips and tricks, cleaning your bathroom could even become something you look forward to.

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