How to Clean Your Glass Without Leaving Streaks

How to Clean Your Glass Without Leaving Streaks

Cleaning your glass can be a difficult task to tackle. Once you begin, you’re often left with smudges and glass that appear dirtier than before you started. Using incorrect cleaning products and methods can lead to streaks and smudges on your windows and mirrors.   

This article will help you to properly clean your glass next time you take on the challenge. Our tips and tricks will leave you feeling confident and proud of your new shiny glass and not disappointed with a smeary reflection staring back at you.

Tips on How to Clean Properly

Don’t ruin your wood with excessive glass cleaner, spray in concentrated areas.

Clean from Top to Bottom

Cleaning from the top of your windows to the bottom is using gravity to your advantage. The cleaning solution will drip down, covering some areas that you may have missed with the spray or that you have not yet cleaned. This technique will also give you a streak-less clean due to eliminating drips from landing on your already cleaned glass.  

Wait for a Cloudy Day to Wash Your Windows

A common mistake is cleaning your windows on a sunny day. The sun exposes the dirt on the windows and many people then feel the need to clean.   

What people don’t know is that the sun will prematurely dry your glass window cleaner leaving you with streaks, residue, and glass that looks less clean than before.   

Instead, wait for a cloudy day so the cleaning solution won’t dry up and you’ll be able to wipe it away when the time is right, leaving you with streak-free beautiful windows.

Be Careful of Your Wood

Glass and window cleaners can be harmful to wood. Prevent drips of your preferred glass cleaners by placing a small cloth on the wood to absorb any excess liquid that may sneak onto your wood.    

Avoid over spraying your windows to not elude any unnecessary drips, spray in small sections and work from top to bottom.  

Tools for Sparkling Clean Glass

If you want the best clean for your glass, invest in a squeegee

Squeegees Work Best 

With the above tips in mind, it’s now time to talk about proper tools. If you use a cloth and find you need to re-wipe the glass to remove leftover glass cleaning solution, you have already lost the battle to the glass streaks.   

Investing in a squeegee will transform the way you clean your glass. After all, it’s what this magical tool is made for.   

Using your technique of wiping from top to bottom, keep the squeegee flat with long strokes, making sure you cover all areas of the glass. You will need to wipe only once using the squeegee as it will wipe all cleaning solutions away the first time.  You may need to invest in a long-handle squeegee if you have tall windows, and it will also be useful in shower stalls. 

Here’s a link to a highly rated squeegee on Amazon: Squeegee

Use an Old T-Shirt

If you don’t have a squeegee, an old t-shirt is the next best thing

Okay, so you either don’t want to leave the house to go buy a squeegee or you just don’t want to spend any more money. Your old t-shirt is the perfect solution!   

An old t-shirt is just absorbent enough to polish your windows and won’t leave any lint residue. The same techniques apply above, wipe from top to bottom and preferably on a cloudy day.

Old Time Newspaper Tool

This is one of the oldest secrets for achieving a streak-free glass, newspaper!  Newspapers work very well in giving you a beautiful polish to your windows and mirrors but it does have two major drawbacks. The newspaper falls apart easily when it gets wet and it will leave newsprint on your hands.  One easy solution is to wear gloves on your hands to avoid ink stains.

Cotton Swabs Work Best with Corners 

Cotton swabs are the best for cleaning tight corners

As revolutionary as the squeegee is, it can miss those hard-to-reach corners. Thankfully, a common household cotton swab does the trick.   

Cotton swabs are a perfect size and should pick up all the dirt and debris cluttering up in your window corners.

Save Money Using a Homemade Window Cleaner 

If you don’t have any window cleaner on hand or you just don’t want to shell out the extra bucks, we have a solution. Mix 1 cup rubbing alcohol, 1 tablespoon vinegar, 1 cup water and pour into a spray bottle.   

This makes for a powerful window cleaner that competes with store-bought cleaners. Since it uses ingredients most likely already in your home, it’s practically “free” and skips the harsh chemicals.


With the knowledge from this article, you should be ready to tackle the dirtiest windows and mirrors in your house. No longer should you fear the wretched glass streaks. Remembering to clean from the top to the bottom and using the correct tools on a cloudy day, you should be in tip-top cleaning mode for all your glass cleaning needs.   

If you need an extra hand to remind you to clean your windows or feel that you could improve your cleaning habits, download our app Dirtfree: A cleaning tool to help you stay on top of your cleaning and more productive throughout the day.

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