How to Streamline Your Cleaning Routine So You Can Stick With It

How to Streamline Your Cleaning Routine So You Can Stick With It

Cleaning can be strenuous, long, and a burden on your day off from work. This may be why you postpone your cleaning for as long as you can, waiting until you can no longer ignore the growing eyesore of dishes, dirt, and debris around the house.   

You’ll eventually find the motivation, or feel forced, to spend your relaxing Sunday tirelessly cleaning all day. This approach to cleaning is all wrong and can be easily adjusted by building and maintaining an effective cleaning routine.  Creating a streamlined cleaning routine will make your cleaning tasks easy to accomplish and you will be able to effortlessly stick to your plan.

Establish and Survey the areas you feel most guilty about

Start by understanding what you need to clean

A good start to creating and streamlining your cleaning routine is to take some time and walk around your house, noting areas that need the most attention. These will be your repeat offenders like your mudroom, kitchen, and bathrooms.   

Next, take note of the various details in each room such as windows, rugs, and countertops. This step is simply to understand the entire task, allowing the whole cleaning project for the room to feel smaller and more manageable.

Delegate your time in an efficient and manageable way

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Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many tasks all at once

This next step is important because many plans fail when too much work is piled on all at once. When creating a routine, it is important to make it manageable so you increase your chance of sticking to your new routine.    

Break it down to work within your schedule. If your Mondays are busy then choose a lighter task such as cleaning your entryway for that day.  If Fridays have more available time for you, take on a bigger task like cleaning the carpet. Notice how you are just cleaning the carpet, not the carpet and the windows. Focus on not overwhelming yourself with too many tasks at one time.  

Another great thing about your streamlined regimen is your tasks are smaller and shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to complete. You’ll be less inclined to skip out on something so manageable.

Make adjustments as necessary

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Don’t quit when something doesn’t work, reevaluate and adjust. You won’t get everything right the first time around

That’s right, you can make a mistake and adjust your routine. Just because part of your cleaning routine doesn’t work well for you does not mean you have to throw the whole regimen away. Understand what parts aren’t working and why then make the adjustments. Maybe a certain day has too many tasks and the time to complete is too long, if so then move some tasks to another day. Or maybe you need to change the way you are approaching the task to make the cleaning easier and less time-consuming.  

Adjust your cleaning regimen as you see fit. The more you implement your routine, the more your routine will become easier to do and may become more efficient. Understanding that you won’t make the perfect plan the first time around will help motivate you to keep with it and make adjustments as necessary.


Creating a streamlined cleaning routine that you can maintain is easy because it’s all about simplifying. Identify what you have to clean, make a simple routine list for each day of the week and delegate your time in an efficient and manageable way.   

The key to sticking with a regimen is to make it manageable and to set reminders. Place your routine on your fridge, or another area you see each morning, or use our Dirtfree app to automatically send you reminders. As soon as you dread a task, it may be time to change the routine to your liking.   

If you want to be automatically reminded about your cleaning tasks and stay on top of everything in terms of cleaning, download our app Dirtfree and start making your new and improved streamlined cleaning routine today.

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