Our Biggest Update to Dirtfree: Sharing with Others

Our Biggest Update to Dirtfree: Sharing with Others

We are excited to release our biggest update yet to our app! Our team has been hard at work for months listening to your feedback and perfecting the app with this update! 

Along with a new refreshed and clean design, we have brand new exciting features to improve your overall experience!

Family members can now be assigned specific chores to help with cleaning!

See the state of your home quickly and easily!

With the new overview page, you can now look at the improvement of everyone in your house and see people’s cleaning progress throughout the day!

When a chore is completed, the whole household now gets a notification about who completed their chore. 

With a clean looking progress meter showing members of your household are getting their chores done. 

New “Clean Meter” to show chores in your home that need attention first!

With a whole new look comes a colorful new Clean Meter! This meter represents how clean your house is, completing chores will get you closer to a 100% clean meter! 

Using red, yellow, and green colors to easily show your progression, and the current cleanliness of the specific area throughout the day. 

Visualize your home with colors using “Clean Meters”!

More control over members accounts means it’s easier to get your family to clean!

As the main account in your home, you will have more control in our app. You will now have the ability to add members to your home! As well as being able to control what these members have access too, you can make them an admin, like yourself, or give them more restrictions (such as for young children).

You’ll have the power to assign new chores without other accounts going over your head or needlessly changing things.

Add, Remove, and Manage the members in your home!

Kids without devices can also use Dirtfree and help with cleaning!

Using the same-device feature, switch easily to a kids profile, let them them use the phone, and switch back to your own profile.

The ability to add members who do not have their own device means young kids without their own device can still be apart of Dirtfree!

Their account will be on your phone or tablet, including their assigned chores that they can complete independently.

Giving kids their own account keeps all the information organized separately from your chores, yet gives you control over their access.


Make sure they’re doing chores to your satisfaction by approving or rejecting chores

As an admin, you are now able to approve or reject a chores once a member marks it as completed. 

If you see the dishes are only half washed you now can reject the chores as being completed, letting the member know they have more work to do.

Approve for all good, or reject and let them know they’ll need to try again!

Multiple homes to keep track of all your chores, staying on top of your cleaning routine

Add another home or help someone you know as a caretaker or friend by joining their home!

You no longer are restricted to just one home!

You can be a part of multiple homes under one account. Seamlessly switching between homes, our app will help you stay on top of multiple homes, making sure you don’t forget important chores and can stick to your cleaning routine.

Get it today!

If you don’t have our Dirtfree app and want to improve your home cleaning, or you’re excited about all the new features and want to see what you’re missing, download our Dirtfree app now to get started today! 

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