About Dirtfree

Dirtfree is an easy to use home cleaning scheduling app. Dirtfree helps you and other members in your house manage all your cleaning chores.

Most cleaning scheduling apps require that you input each and every task, and can be a hassle to just get started. Dirtfree sets itself apart that it automatically generates all the tasks needed for your home when you start. It personalizes your tasks based on your goals, experience and home. 

There are 128 million households in the U.S alone. Cleaning is necessary in everyone’s lives worldwide. Dirtfree’s goal is to use a modern and flexible app to help encourage and support people of all walks of life have a less stressful home cleaning experience.


Our Story

Dirtfree was built on the idea that cleaning should be easier. Founder of Dirtfree, Richard had limited time for home cleaning. It wasn’t easy to find time and motivation to clean. 

Already with years of experience as a software developer working with large businesses, Richard was used to seeing high quality apps that are modern and sleek. He began his search for a cleaning app that would be as smart as people of this time and generation would expect.

Quickly, he realized that there weren’t many quality apps that are quick to set up and a pleasure to use!

Noticing a need in the market, the idea of Dirtfree was born. It was to be a niche app that focuses solely on cleaning, which would allow it to do what it’s suppose to do very well: help clean.

Verbiage and features specific to cleaning that normal productivity apps don’t focus on were now possible! 

Since creating the app, Dirtfree has been able to help many around the world clean with less frustration, less guilt, and live in a clean, comfortable space at home.

Dirtfree is a revolutionary way to clean. It personalizes tasks and motivates using achievements and badges. It enables managing other members of the home to get help and have everyone do their part in the home. 

The app is available for iOS on the App Store.

We hope that it can reach as many people as possible to help them in their own homes as well!


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