Dirtfree is an easy to use cleaning to-do tasks app that helps you start cleaning your home quickly and regularly 

Dirtfree makes it easy for you to manage your cleaning chores.


You can assign chores to your family, roommates, or anyone else. They can use their own device or if you have very young kids, they can use your device.


Dirtfree gives you control and gets you the help you need to keep your home clean and comfortable.

We are currently investigating interest in this. If you'd like to see it made, email us at [email protected]

We currently support both iPhone and iPad running iOS 13 or later.

At the moment, an internet connection is required. Tasks completed while not connected to the internet will be updated once an internet connection is reestablished. 

Yes! As of 2021, Apple now supports Family Sharing for app subscriptions. Dirtfree now only requires one subscription per household!

To share a subscription, make sure any additional member invited to your home is apart of the same Apple Family Sharing group, and that your group has subscription sharing turned on.